One inevitable challenge in any business is collecting what one is owed. Pressman & Doyle, LLC represents numerous lending institutions, business creditors and individuals in commercial collection and foreclosure matters. Our attorneys and staff stand ready to assist our clients from a simple demand letter to highly complex litigation.

Our attorneys strive to efficiently handle collection and foreclosure cases in accordance with Pennsylvania law and the local procedures of each county. In many cases, with effort and attention to detail, such matters can be brought to a conclusion relatively quickly and inexpensively. Where novel or complex issues arise in a seemingly routine case, our experienced attorneys and staff are prepared to identify them and deal with them efficiently and in a cost effective manner.

Our law firm is well prepared to continue to serve the client if a collection matter becomes a bankruptcy matter, as often happens. In each case, the firm’s resources are focused on the delivery of cost-effective and successful representation on behalf of our clients.

We prosecute foreclosures from beginning to end, working diligently to maximize return to the creditor. We also represent our clients in any contested litigation affecting the foreclosure, such as:

  • Response to defense motions alleging failure of service or other defects in the foreclosure filings
  • Defense of counterclaims such as allegations that the creditor violated the FDCPA or RESPA
  • Actions to correct title defects
  • Ejectment and Eviction of former owners and tenants
  • Stay relief and pursuing collateral in debtor bankruptcies
  • Collection of deficiency balances




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